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Meet our Solutions

We provide customizable solutions for photo and video production companies to better manage their productions, all in one place.

Solution Icon - Call Sheets

Create & send personalized call sheets and track RSVPs.

Solution Icon - Screenplay and Script Breakdown Sheets

Import scripts and tag elements like props and wardrobe.

Solution Icon - Shot List and Storyboard

Robust, customizable shot list and storyboard builder.

Solution Icon - Shooting Schedule

Drag-and-drop interface to plan and schedule multi-day shoots.

Solution Contacts and Lists

Manage and send messages to talent, crew, vendors, clients and more.

Solution Icon - Collaboration and Production Calendar

Collaborate and comment on tasks, files, and production calendars.

StudioBinder: A seamless production
workflow — all in one place.


“StudioBinder is an invaluable tool for our production workflow. The sleek design and smart features like call sheet tracking bring organization, efficiency and automation to our shoots, and greatly increases our productivity.”

Trevor Fernando Producer

Solution Icon - Call Sheets


Create, send and track call sheets

It's a call sheet, not a spreadsheet. Select from industry-standard film, video and photography call sheet templates. Add personalized call times, and upload attachments with ease.

Collaborate with teammates, and get digital approvals before sending.

Send mobile-friendly call sheets. Track delivery status, views and RSVP's.

Create Call Sheet Online - StudioBinder Video Photo and Film Call Sheet Template Software


Track call sheet delivery effortlessly

Put an end to late night texts and calls asking “Did you get the call sheet?” We track the view counts and delivery status of every call sheet sent. At a glance, you'll know exactly who didn't view their call sheet, so you can follow up more efficiently. You now have total visibility and delivery insights.


24/7 access to the latest version


Personalized emails with RSVPs


Call times sent as text messages


Industry-standard, print-friendly

Call Sheet Confirmation and Distro Sheet - Track Call Sheet Distribution with StudioBinder

The call sheet solution saves our team a lot of time. We had issues with freelancers using different operating systems with our previously used templates. This makes everything easy for the crew."

Amy Skerkoski, Production Lead at Spotify

Solution Icon - Shot List and Storyboard


Visualize your shots

Put away the shot list and storyboard template. Add shots, specify shot sizes, types, movements, lens, gear and more.

Upload images and you’ve got a storyboard! Specify number of columns and every aspect ratio from 4:3 to 2.39:1.

Create multiple lists for various scenes or camera setups.

Print and share you work with teammates.

Shot List Template and Storyboard Template Builder - Create Online Using StudioBinder

A video production calendar with perspective

Get a birds-eye-view of progress. See potential conflicts, and plan more effectively.  
Share your calendar and keep everyone in the loop.

Photo and Film Production Calendar - StudioBinder Film TV and Video Production Management Solution

"StudioBinder has been a life saver at Blizzard. It's a clear, secure way to get all the information needed out to our cast and crew. And if you have any questions, the customer service department is on point."

Hollie Klem Producer

Solution Icon - Shooting Schedule


Drag-and-drop scenes within a stripboard

Plan out a photo or film production schedule in a snap. Upload scripts, drag-and-drop scenes or setups to reorder them, add day breaks, notes, assign shoot locations and talent. All this with version tracking.

Use StudioBinder video production scheduling software to share the shooting schedule with teammates. Easily spin off call sheets from day breaks to save hours of data entry.

Shooting Schedule Software - Film Scheduling Stripboard - StudioBinder Film Scheduling Software
Cosmic Pictures

“StudioBinder has completely streamlined and simplified our production process. The scheduling, crew management and call sheet creation tools have revolutionized how I produce.”

Cameron Harper Producer

Solution Icon - Screenplay and Script Breakdown Sheets


Tag props, wardrobe, gear and more.

Introducing a modern tagged approach to breaking down script elements. Import shooting scripts, add scene breakdown notes, shoot locations, and generate script breakdown sheets.

Share full breakdown reports with ease.

Script Breakdown Software - StudioBinder Film and TV Production Management Software

Find out what these teams already know

Driving productions at organizations large and small

"I can be a part of that conversation by posting feedback and see precisely when someone completes a task. It takes out ten emails out of my inbox."

"StudioBinder increases efficiency, and it makes pre-production that much quicker for our team."

"Call sheet confirmations have instantly made our life that much easier. It was an absolute game changer."

Swift Logo White - 3x

“We love StudioBinder because of the amount of time is saves. When you're producing film and photography projects, time is one of your most valuable resources.”

Richard Beardsley Producer

Solution Contacts and Lists


Manage contact details and send messages

Manage contact details for crew, talent, clients and background talent. Stay organized by creating custom lists for talent, vendors, film crew, models, and more.

Send branded emails from StudioBinder and keep your cast and crew in the loop.

Photo and Film Production Contact List - StudioBinder Photography and Film Crew List Software
Solution Icon - Collaboration and Production Calendar


Collaborate better.

Invite teammates, create production calendars, add tasks, deadlines, comments, files, and get more done, faster.

Upload and share release forms, deal memos, client specs, briefs, mood boards and more. 

All files are versioned for easy roll back.

Manage Task Cards with Teammates - StudioBinder Film Production Project Management Software for Corporate Video and Studios - StudioBinder Film, TV & Video Production Project Management Software

"The call sheet confirmation emails and the ability to track who viewed and confirmed them makes my life so much easier."

Caisa Airmet Digital Communications Director

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