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“Thank you for finally getting me out of Google Drive and Excel.”


Manage cast and crew details.

Standardized for the Production Unit

  • Add talent and crew details.
  • Save favorite contacts into lists for quicker reference.

Works Internationally

Supports phone formats for 250 countries, celsius for weather, and a 24 hour clock.

StudioBinder Callsheet Template and Software - Create Call Sheets Online Builder New

They're 'call sheets,' not spreadsheets

Say goodbye to antiquated spreadsheet templates, tiny fonts, and jam-packed layouts. We’re automating the grunt-work, so you can move on faster.

  • All addresses become map links.
  • Weather, sunrise and sunset are pulled automatically.
  • Search nearby hospitals. We load all the details for you.
  • Call, email or text contacts from your mobile device.


Getting ahead of schedule is possible with a dedicated video project management solution. Free up more hours per production and it'll show in the final product.

Filming on Location - Insert personalizard crew parking notes on call sheet template | StudioBinder

One size fits all

Traditionally one call sheet is made for everyone on site. This means a cluttered, impersonal PDF that requires recipients to go fishing for details that matter to them.

We personalize call sheets for every recipient. Less information overload. Less confusion. Fewer follow-ups.

  • Tailored call times, parking details, and private notes.
  • Designed to highlight personalized details.
  • Easy-to-read. Personal. Delightful.

Add Private Notes to Call Sheets

Need to make sure a call sheet recipient brings something to set? Custom parking instructions? Add private notes in your call sheet. Avoid prolonged email chains.

Robust call sheets made easy

Add daily production schedules, scenes, and company moves in an easy-to-read itinerary. Manage expectations on set, and rally talent and crew to make their day.

Call Sheet Template Feature Film Studiobinder

Create beautiful call sheets in the formats you need

Email digests for people on-the-go

Call sheets are distilled into a personalized email that highlights key details for the recipient — their call time, parking details, and private notes.


Optionally send call times directly as SMS text messages to make the experience exceptionally easier for talent and clients.

Generate PDF

We attach a traditionally designed call sheet PDF to every email, personalized with the unique call time and private notes of the recipient.

View Online

The most up-to-date call sheet can always be found online. That way you can make “invisible” changes without versioning and sending out a new PDF.


“It could be the picky millennial in me, but StudioBinder is the most intuitive production unit software I’ve ever used.”


Track call sheet views and confirmations

Ever wonder if a call sheet was received? Had to ask, “Did you get the call sheet?” On StudioBinder, talent and crew confirm can RSVP to call sheets with one click, no account needed.

Call Sheet Confirmation and Distro Sheet - Track Call Sheet Distribution with StudioBinder

Backup and share production files online

StudioBinder is the production office that goes where you go. Upload with 256-bit file encryption for added security. Easily share production documents with your team.

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